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To build a “Just Society” with an economically viable system capable of protecting the rights and dignity of the people


To enhance quality of life of the people through social and economic development


To empower the people and their engagement in participatory social development process.


The activities of KMC are directed towards achieving the following Objectives:

  • Prepare and Implement of Land Acquisition Plan As per GOB Act, 2017 and guideline of Ministry of Land (MoL)
  • Prepare and implement safeguard documents including Resettlement Plan, Gender Action Plan, Environmental & Social Assessment, and Initial Feasibility Assessment according to GoB & Donor’s policy.
  • Provide consultancy service for income livelihood and IGA training and capacity development, baseline, midline and end line assessment/study of development project/programs
  • Implement projects/programs on climate change, environmental issues, conservation of nature and biodiversity, waste management and programs particularly related social and economic development of developing countries in general and Bangladesh in particular.
  • Play constructive and effective role in policy advocacy and information dissemination to the concerned agencies including planners and policy makers of the Government and private sector of the country.
  • Establish and promote close institutional linkages with similar organizations throughout the world for mutual sharing of the benefits of research and development in the form of exchange of knowledge and ideas through books, journals, other publications, projects/programs, seminars, workshops, conferences, exchange of scholars, short-term study visits etc.
KMC Commitment:

KMC desires to accomplish the following Tasks:

  1. Produce error-free data for safeguard planning and implementation
  2. Concentrate stakeholder feedback/participation and provide high quality services
  3. Perform services free from corruption
  4. Ensure accountability and transparency
  5. Engagement of stakeholders in Project Preparation and Implementation
  6. Enhance livelihoods of the affected people
  7. Promote human dignity in all spheres

The Knowledge Management Consultants (KMC) Ltd., is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm led by a group of dedicated professionals who are committed to contribute in the development activities in Bangladesh and overseas to achieve all sector of Sustainable Development Goals. KMC is an independent research, training, technical support, design, development and consulting organization; duly registered with the office of the Registrar, Joint Stock Companies & Firms, Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh having Registration No. C- 104264/12. It is also a registered firm of the Dhaka City Corporation with Registration No. 0707394 dated 30/07/2008 under Dhaka City Corporation Ordinance 1983 (Ord. XL of 1983- Section 69). Besides, KMC is registered with the Asian Development Bank Consultant Management System (CMS Number 011676).

Since inception, KMC has provided consultancy services and implemented projects and programs in different fields of research and development independently or jointly with other development partners. The services offered by KMC include:

  • Census, Socioeconomic studies
  • Initial Poverty & Social Assessment
  • Baseline, Midline and End line Assessment
  • Land Acquisition Planning, Implementation and Monitoring
  • Resettlement & Social Management Framework
  • Resettlement Planning, Implementation and Monitoring
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Topographic Survey
  • Global Positioning & Remote Sensing (RS) based analysis
  • Geo-referencing of Mouza maps
  • Preparation of Gender and Health Action Plan
  • Preparation of Social Safeguard Documents
  • MIS and Data Management
  • Livelihood Restoration Program
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • IT Based program development for land acquisition & Resettlement Implementation
  • Training & Event Management

KMC, as an independent consulting firm/Organization has successfully involved reputed professionals, researchers, development experts, economists, sociologists, engineers, environmental specialist, renowned scholars and specialists on various other fields having multi-disciplinary background and vast experience with good track record who are contributing together towards further expansion and development to realize the organizational goal and objective.

Since its inception, KMC has been working in collaboration with some leading globally renowned Consulting Firms and Donor Agencies. Experts and Professionals of these organizations have been rendering their services honestly and sincerely to complete their assignments to the entire satisfaction of their valued clients.

Future Plan of Action

  • Utilize previous experience in the future project
  • Continue to maintain linkage and cooperation with National and International organization, agencies, and other development partners
  • Embrace diversity in providing services
  • Make more contribution to agriculture, education, health, other social development services
  • Enhance professional development
  • Bring resettlement issues into National arena through dialogue, seminars/symposia
  • Post resettlement evaluation

We Comply:

We are passionate and committed for safe working through making a positive and meaningful impact on people’s lives, environment and local communities.

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