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  • Submitted Draft Final Evaluation Report

Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (MRT Line 6)

Assignment Name:

External monitoring of the resettlement process for Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (DMRTDP)

Name of Client:

NKDM Association

Approx Value of the Contract (Tk.Lacks):




Assignment Location within country:

Dhaka MRT Line 6 routes

Start Date (Month/Year):

March 2016

Completion Date (Month/Year):

December 2019

Duration of Assignment (Months):

36 Months

Total No. of staff-month of the assignment:


Name of Joint Venture Consultants, if any:


No. of Staff-Months of Key Professional Staff provided by Joint Venture /Associated Consultants:


Name of Senior Staff (Project Director /Coordinator, Team Leader) Involved and Functions Performed:

Kh. Khairul Matin: Team Leader/Implementation Specialist, Md. Nuruzzamann Kakon: Data Analyst

Detailed Narrative Description of Project:

Dhaka Mass Rapid Transit Development Project (DMRTDP) is being carried out by NKDM Association and funded by JICA to construct MRT Line – 6 at deferent routes from Uttara to Motijheel. NKDM Association has employed Knowledge Management Consultants (KMC) to conduct independent external monitoring of the resettlement process. The process will minimize the gap among the three major key players (i.e. EA, INGO and Financial Institution (donor).

Detailed Description of Actual Services Provided by our Staff: